P/N 1926A25

The 96-98 Kovatch R11 has been a great refueler for the USAF. Of late it has been hard to get parts for the approximately 23-25 year old chassis. More and more parts are becoming obsolete from Volvo. The 6000 gallon refueler is on a White Volvo chassis which was very nice in the 90’s but now is old and tired. The fueling portion of the truck is still serviceable. The control valves, pump and other components are still available. One of the things that the Air Force didn’t like about the Volvo chassis was that it had an air starter. The air system had to be in good shape, or the truck wouldn’t start.

I think this refueler is the perfect truck for a glider kit. We have teamed up with CCC, Crane Carrier to provide a replacement chassis. We are in the process of installing the refueling components on the chassis now. Some of the advantages to the CCC chassis are a tilt cab. This makes it easy to get to the engine and transmission. It has a Cummins 6.7L straight six diesel coupled to a 3000RDS Allison transmission. With the new chassis and overhauled pumping system this truck should be able to serve the USAF for another 20 years. Our plan is to propose this to the USAF to keep their proven refueling system in operation for the next generation.

-David Allred, Vice President of Sales